An update – 7th November 2014

So, just a brief update. I have contacted the shopping centres mentioned in my previous post. Also, there has been a change of directorship of Certo Enterprises. From Companies House, it appears that Daniel Cresswell has now resigned on the 28th October 2014 and has now been replaced by a Nicola Cordle. We’ve also obtained some interesting correspondence which links these two individuals but I am waiting for some clarification on this.

Firstly, the shopping centres:

The Ashley Shopping Centre, Epsom – I have messaged them on their query section on their website but to date I have not received a response. Therefore, i was forced to dig a bit deeper and discovered that the Centre is actually owned by two investment companies; The Carlyle Group and Bride Hall. I contacted the directors of this company and asked whether they were aware that a convicted rapist owned a company in their centre, I received a comment from Richard Gorham:

“When this matter came to light, the Centre Management team raised it as a concern with Certo Enterprises. They received legal correspondence, from Certo Enterprises’ solicitors, confirming that Mr Cresswell has completely disassociated himself from the company.

As such, the Centre Management team are prepared to continue to work with Certo Enterprises, and allow them to remain in The Ashley Centre”.

It seemed that Daniel Cresswell had realised that people were not prepared to tolerate a convicted rapist operating a company from their shopping centre and done the right thing. However, then I did a bit of research online and saw that the Director appointed, Nicola Cordle, was registered at the same address as this individual. In addition, it appeared that Daniel Cresswell still held a 50% shareholding of the company alongside an ex-director called Patrick Willis. Therefore, essentially he was still profiting from the company and was still associated with the company. I have contacted a few more people in order to get more information, including the ex-director Patrick Willis.

More to update, when I receive the information.


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