Covering Tracks – 10th November 2014

I’m still awaiting information from some of the other shopping centres and the ex-director. I have emailed him and the current director Nicola Cordle with a series of questions so I can ascertain how much of an involvement Daniel Cresswell still has. I have received confirmation from Leeds Crown Court that to date there has been no appeal by Daniel Cresswell against his conviction. He will most likely serve three-and-a-half years of his seven-year sentence. Whilst appeals usually have to be submitted within a 28-day period, occasionally a judge will allow more time if there are extenuating circumstances. However, the lady I spoke to at Leeds Crown Court thinks it is unlikely that an appeal will take place as Daniel Cresswell hasn’t submitted paperwork to ask for this extra time.

My cousin who is an advocate of women’s rights and who has volunteered for rape charities has set up a Facebook group which she says seeks to “highlight this man’s crime so that he cannot continue to profit whilst in jail from customers who will have no idea what a heinous crime he has committed. It is shocking to me that there are shopping centres who continue to associate themselves with this man”.

It is indeed true, that this isn’t a simple case of a business owner, who upon being imprisoned, disassociates himself from his company but rather one that seeks to exploit what is in the public realm to cover up what the truth actually is. I have received confirmation that the current director Nicola Cordle of Certo Enterprises is actually Daniel Cresswell’s wife. I have learnt that she continues to defend her husband and maintains his innocence, which makes it all the more surprising that there is not an appeal in progress. A current employee of Certo Enterprises has kindly provided this information but wishes to remain anonymous.

The cover-up of this then relates to Nicola Cordle attempting to disassociate her husband from Certo Enterprises whilst in reality it appears that he is very much involved. A whistle-blower has come forward and emailed me a letter from their solicitors which seems to be directed at the shopping centres and maintains that Daniel Cresswell will fully disassociate himself from the company by disposing of his directorship and shareholding. However, it is the accompanying email from the solicitor which was sent to an email address named as Nicola Cresswell that is the most revealing. The contents read:

Further to our telephone conversations, please find attached our proposed open letter/statement. I hope that it serves your purpose. 

I strongly recommend you restrict the circulation of this letter. The last thing we want is for it to fall into Patrick Willis’ hands and for him to use it in support of an argument that Dan has prejudiced his shareholding.

I did not fully understand the last paragraph so had to forward this to a friend who works as a solicitor. She said she would have to take a look at any shareholders’ agreement to give a definitive answer to see if there has been any breach, but she says that the likelihood is that there has been, going by the email above. Alas, I don’t have access to the Certo Enterprises Shareholders’ Agreement! I have emailed both Nicola Cordle and Patrick Willis to get an answer on this.

I hope to have a more detailed update next time, with replies from all the parties concerned.